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We would like to start this section by defining what training martial arts and Fitness means for us in Be Cool 

As you know, martial arts training has many benefits, including health, fitness, focus, confidence, and the ability to defend yourself if needed. However, the biggest benefits of training, in our opinion, are emotional resilience and self-discipline. These are important skills on the mat, but even more so in real life. Training through bad situations develops emotional resilience (i.e. not freaking out) and self-discipline (i.e. making a plan and following it under pressure). In our opinion, martial arts are a microcosm of the real world. You get beat down and crushed, but also celebrate many small victories along the way.  The goal is not to train because it is easy, but to train because it is hard!

We in Be Cool AS strongly think that all of the above is achievable and applicable to every person in the world. At the same time we know how important it is to be able to focus on developing your skills not thinking about ripped glove, your training clothes design or mediocre headgear. That is why we decided to open an online shop which offers a variety of quality products in martial arts, fitness and crossfit.

Our main goal is to make sure that every person training martial arts, fitness and crossfit, is able to unleash his/her true potential not only while training, but also in the real life. Therefore we would like to offer our potential customers initiatives, never to be seen in the Norwegian market before:

By supplying you with best quality products, we want to encourage you to never give up fighting not only on the ring, but also fighting for happiness, for greater opportunities, fighting for yourself!

At the same time one of our favorite quotes says:

‘’The ultimate goal isn’t to beat your opponent, but to refuse to be beaten’’.

That is what we promise to help you with!



TOP TEN brand was formative for the history and development of martial arts and it will continue to be a trendsetter. Especially head guards and gloves that were developed in the 80’s set highest standards and are till today point of reference.




WT APPROVED brand of Taekwondo. We cooperate with the Norwegian Martial Arts Association.



Hayashi is a traditional trademark famous worldwide for several decades. Every student practising a traditional martial art surely knows or is currently using some of the products from the wide range made by this European producer.



We are determined not only to create the best design, quality and functionality for you, but we also want to motivate you to relentlessly follow your own dreams, just as we do.


Created in 2006, Venum is one of the greatest sports brand in the world.


Specialised in fight sports and martial arts for more than 10 years, Venum always seeks to innovate and is known for its agressive fight designs, its original lifestyle ranges or even its top notch quality equipments.

Kristin Bjoerndal

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Dmitrij Rumbest aka Mita

Marketing/Warehouse manager

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- Passion for Sailing

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Distributor of TOP TEN, HAYASHI, VENUM, TUSAH and, NEBBIA in Norway. 








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